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    GK News Network SRINAGAR, AUGUST 5: SAS Motors Angad Diesel Hal- a multi- functional mini tiller promises to be a game changer Indian agricultural sector. The Indian farming community has been faced by numerous challenges over the last two decades that has impacted their sustainability putting over 300 M livelihoods at risk. Designed, conceptualized and manufactured by Gurgaon based SAS Motors Limited, the mini- power tiller provides a cost- effective and efficient solution optimized to meet the key challenges faced by the farming community in India. The Angad Diesel Hal addresses many of the key challenges faced by the Indian farming community head on and offers numerous additional benefits as illustrated below- Acute Shortage of Farm Laborers: Due to the relatively low penetration of farm mechanization in India, farming operations are highly labor intensive and there is an acute shortage of skilled labor willing to engage in back- breaking work using primitive implements. The Angad Solution: The Angad Diesel Hal is stable and safe and can even be operated by women. It is extremely user- friendly and can be used by laborers with extremely limited skills. With its ability to perform a plethora of functions such as soil preparation, Ploughing, Seeding, Weeding, Spraying, Irrigation, Paddy cultivation, Potato digging and Rotavation among others, it is able to reduce the dependence on manual labor. Inhospitable Terrain – The sheer geographical diversity India throws up many challenges in the form of varying terrains with different requirements or regions that are inhospitable for vehicles such as tractors and traditional power tillers. Such terrains are often left unused or are dependent on manual labor or bullock- carts that present their own challenges. The Angad Solution: The Angad Diesel Hal with its versatile blade designs can plough, till and weed in various soil types ranging from soft to hard alluvial. The Hal can reach fields in high and uneven altitudes on its rubber tyres due to stable design and its engine’s ability to work even at an incline of 45 degrees. It is no wonder that the Angad diesel Hal is used for farming operations in almost all states of India and has even been used successfully by farmers in Leh and Ladakh, the company in a statement said. Bullock Drawn Plough: Many Indian Farmers even today are dependent on Bullock Drawn Ploughs which have become increasing unviable due to purchase cost and perennial cost of owning them.